deBotech offers an array of carbon fiber and advanced composite products for the aftermarket. These products include parts for high-end performance vehicles and motorcycles, as well as, an assortment of sports and recreation products.  We stay at the forefront of the industry by developing products with superior materials while offering quick turnaround to our customers.  We have many products currently available and offer one-off pieces to help our customers showcase their products.

Hans deBot, a.k.a. “CarbonHans”, is the owner of deBotech, Inc. and his philosophy of 100% Quality  carbon and composite products is our model for success.  We are always building on our performance product inventory and want to offer a full range of carbon and composite products, as well as,  accessories for the aftermarket and performance products’ industry.

deBotech, “The Snake Charmer” 

deBotech has teamed with Shelby American to provide them with Carbon Fiber. Check out the dBt news article to see the fusion of advanced Carbon Fiber techniques with the ultimate hot rod, The Super Snake!


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