At deBotech we have the experience, the know-how and the skills to turn your ideas into reality.  Using carbon fiber and advanced composites, we manufacture what you can envision.  If you are interested in creating your own design for your cars, motorcycles  or other toys then we can help.  You will work directly with a design engineer from conception of the project to sketch your ideas, develop a 3-D model of your design and then build your dreams into reality.  dBt Custom will work closely with you to ensure that what you dream is actually what you get. 

We look forward to building your dreams with you.

One of our favorite "custom" jobs was working with "PALS" Pet Artificial Limbs and Supports to help our 4-legged friends be just that. Check out the full article featured in Newsweek @ and stay posted for awesome videos of our fur friends regaining their mobility.


“Customer Service and top quality oozes from their every word……like someone truly passionate and proud of their home-grown, homemade, family-run business, made in America.”

-Ed Laura, Chrysler Supplier Quality Engineer View all testimonials »


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