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Paint Spill! See the Chevy C8 Corvette's New-for-2022 Gray, Orange, and Brown Options

Meet Caffeine, Hypersonic Gray, and Amplify Orange, three new paint tones that replace similar colors.

Alex Kierstein Author Manufacturer Photographer

The 2021 Michelin National Corvette Bash is happening now, and Chevrolet used the occasion to announce three new paint colors for the 2022-model-year C8 Corvette. But it's in with the new, out with the old, as all three of the new hues replace existing, fairly similar Corvette colors.

Next up is Caffeine, a metallic brown with a tanned leather sort of tone, which is a replacement for the more muted Zeus Bronze Metallic. Surely it's going to be a polarizing paint color, and it'd be interesting to look back and see what the take rate is on it. Zeus Bronze was a no-cost option, so smart money is on Caffeine being likewise.

Last up is a gray—what modern paint portfolio would be complete without at least one or five? Hypersonic Gray Metallic replaces Shadow Gray, another no-cost color. Shadow gray was darker, with a bit of a blue-green tone to it. Hypersonic looks a little lighter and a little less blue-green, at least from the photo we can see. Grays can be subtle, specially if there's a bit of a tone to the metallic flakes that can change color depending on the light, so we'll want to see this one in person.

What's not subtle is the Rapid Blue we spec'd for our long-term 2021 Corvette. It seems that color is sticking around for 2022, which is good news, because it looks absolutely stunning on our car.

For 2022, the C8 will be in its third model year, which means we're overdue for the high-performance (or hybrid) variants that previous generations already had by this point. So while the color changes are interesting, you know we're waiting anxiously for any news about a Z06, ZR1, or E-Ray. If and when we hear something, we'll let you know.

Alec Kierstein for MotorTrend



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