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Torch Red, Arctic White and Elkhart Lake Blue Lead the Color Choices Based on Kerbeck’s C8 Corvette

Like many Corvette dealers, our friends at Kerbeck Corvette like to keep their customers up to date on their status for 2020 Corvette orders via a page on their website. The Order Status page lists the details of each customer’s order that has been accepted for production and includes the order number, MSRP, TPW, Color, Trim Group, and the order event code.

A user on the Corvette Forum named “Michael T*” had the genius idea of taking those 240 orders that are currently at 3000 Order Status (meaning order accepted by production) and dumping the list into excel to see the top colors. Is it any surprise that the top colors for America’s favorite sportscar are Red, White and Blue?

Here’s the color breakdown based on 240 customer orders:

25.0% Torch Red

12.5% Arctic White

10.8% Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic

8.8% Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic

8.8% Black

7.1% Shadow Gray Metallic

6.7% Sebring Orange Tintcoat

5.8% Blade Silver Metallic

5.8% Rapid Blue

3.8% Long Beach Red Metallic Tintcoat

3.3% Accelerate Yellow Metallic

1.7% Zeus Bronze Metallic

I think that its no surprise that Zeus Bronze is at the bottom of the list. I personally like the color and apparently, four other people do as well as that’s the number of Corvette customers whose order of the new Bronze color has been accepted for production.

And from the Kerbeck order list, we learned that the Corvette Assembly Plant may be batching like colors together. Prior to the UAW strike, the roll-out plan called for a series of color constraints that would see a few new colors added to each monthly order period until we got to all twelve colors. Here’s a quick screengrab that shows some of the groupings by TPW and color:

While the forum thread is mostly about debating colors, we wanted to look at some of the other data so we dumped those 240 orders into excel and that gave us the trends on the various Trim packages. Of the 240 orders, the 3LT trim group leads the way with 45.4% of orders (109 total), while the 2LT is right behind at 42.9% (103 total). The 1LT trim group has 28 orders representing 11.7% of total Kerbeck orders.

And finally, we get an average order price of $79,275 for a Corvette that’s MSRP starts at $59,995. So folks are definitely adding some options to their rides. This seems pretty typical when a new Corvette is released, the early adopters are generally previous Corvette owners and they like their Corvettes loaded. Later in the production cycle, we will probably see the average price go down for the Stingray as more non-traditional buyers order the cars with fewer options.



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