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2020 Corvette Offers Three Types of Removable Roof Panels


We’re still floored by the sheer number of exterior styling options Chevy will offer on the new 2020 Corvette C8. As evidenced by the online configurator, buyers will have a vast array of colors, stripes and accents to choose from when speccing the 2020 Corvette to their taste. But the new mid-engine Corvette Coupe will also offer no less than three individual removable roof panel options, offering up a body-colored, transparent, or carbon fiber aesthetic, as desired.

Roof Panel Cost RPO Code CF7

Body-color Standard

Transparent $995 CC3

Visible carbon fiber with body-color surround $2,495 C2Z

The previous-generation Corvette C7 was also offered with a transparent roof panel, which was priced at $2,100, so the 2020 Corvette’s transparent option is a bit more affordable in that regard. It’s also worth noting that the 2020 Corvette can be had with the Dual Roof Package, available with either body-colored panels (C2Q) or carbon fiber panels (C2M). The former costs $1,995, while the latter is $3,495.

2020 Corvette with transparent roof panel

These removable panels are perfect for those who enjoy a little blue-sky motoring every so often, providing quick access to unlimited headroom on the fly. After the panel is removed, it can be easily stored in a special spot in the rear cargo area just behind the engine. What’s more, with the roof gone, drivers can get an ear-full of the 2020 Corvette engine note, as provided by the naturally-aspirated 6.2L LT2 V8 engine. Go for the optional performance exhaust, and that V8 growl will be more ever-present.

2020 Corvette with carbon fiber roof panel

It’s also worth noting that Chevrolet is also expected to offer a proper C8 convertible model by the end of the year. Prototypes of the upcoming Corvette convertible have been spied several times in the last few weeks, each wearing some black-and-white camouflage and black netting around the roof section. Unlike the soft-tops of previous Vette convertible models, the 2020 Corvette Convertible will come with a retractable hardtop, resulting in an even more comfortable cabin.

SOURCE: GM Authority

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02 de jul. de 2022

These metal roofs are available now for residential purposes also. It can easily be removed and installed again by a roof repair expert.

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