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A C7 Corvette in Boat’s Clothing: Here Is a Jetcar Boat to Make Huge Waves

Before Tesla could lay claim to being able to float for a few minutes, there were the amphicars of yore: vehicles that were both car and boat but that excelled in neither capacity.

JetCar Turkiye

The contraption we bring you today also looks like an amphicar, but comes with a very surprising twist. It’s a powerboat made by JetCar Turkiye, a Turkey-based company that seems to be churning them out by the half-dozens and then offering them for demos in Antalya. The name probably doesn't ring a bell, but one of their creations made headlines before, when a GIF went viral in May 2020.

Whether JetCar Turkiye is offering these incredible vehicles for sale or rent is a big mystery right now. In the meantime, we can only look and be amazed at the incredible attention to detail in crafting these powerboats that look exactly like real cars.

JetCar Turkiye

As you can see, in motion, that impression is enforced even more, to the point where, from a distance, you could probably swear you saw a guy doing donuts in his ‘Vette out on the water.

Source: Elana Gorgan /Auto Evolution



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