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C8 Corvette Drag Races 850-Horsepower NASCAR Cup Car: Video

Updated: Dec 29, 2022


Which ride will come out on top? Hit play to find out:

As is tradition for the nameplate, the C8 Corvette punches well above its weight, offering impressive mid-engine performance that bests rivals with double the price tag. Now, we’re watching as the C8 Corvette puts all that go-fast goodness to the test against an 850-horsepower NASCAR Cup Car in the following drag racing video.

Once again coming to us from the folks at Hoonigan, the video is a little 17-and-a-half minutes long, and includes several runs down the drag strip, plus a walk-around and specs for both of the competitors.

Let’s start with the 2010 NASCAR Cup Car. Built by pro drift driver and dirt bike rider Dylan Hughes, the race machine’s original V8 met an explosive end while out hooning one day, prompting Hughes to do something a little different – a 2J swap. For those readers who may be unaware, the turbocharged 3.0L I6 2JZ is the same legendary engine found in the fourth-generation Toyota Supra, and is known for taking obscene amounts of boost and coming back for more. The 2J in this particular application runs a Garrett GTX4088 turbo to pump up peak output to an estimated 850 horsepower.

With only 2,850 pounds to push around, that’s a rather healthy sum, especially against the competition. In the other lane, we find a 2021 Chevy Corvette Stingray, which, beyond a few aesthetic changes, is pretty much how it left the factory, with the mid-mounted, naturally aspirated 6.2L V8 LT2 gasoline engine producing a maximum of 490 horsepower. Curb weight is a bit over 3,500 pounds.

So, to sum up – the NASCAR Cup Car has more power, less weight, and a pro driver at the helm. Easy win, right?

Not so fast. Even with all those advantages, the C8 Corvette actually has a pretty decent shot at taking home the W. For starters, getting any traction in the NASCAR Cup Car will be mighty difficult, given the 2JZ’s super-peaky power curve and the un-prepped race surface. Meanwhile, the C8 Corvette has launch control and mid-mounted grip, making it substantially easier to drive.



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