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C8 Corvette Secrets: Your 2020 Corvette Stingray Can Have Five Cameras Depending On Your Options

The 2020 Corvette Stingray is the most technologically-advanced Corvette in the 67 years of the model. And because we are living in the “aughts” (aka the 2020s) where everything is captured on camera, much of the new technology is centered around watching and recording the surroundings around the vehicle.

One of the interesting stats we learned from Corvette’s Product and Marketing Manager Harlan Charles is that depending on your options, the 2020 Corvette Stingray could have up to five cameras available for the driver. That’s five cameras to keep your Corvette safe, alert the driver for impending obstacles, and of course, record those Corvette Hero moments on the track (or around town!)

Here’s a breakdown of how the 2020 Corvette Stingray is looking out for you:

HD Front and Rear Vision Cameras

The HD Front and Rear Vision Cameras are optioned as RPO UVA and they are included with the 2LT and 3LT trim packages. The HD Front and Rear Vision Cameras provide the driver with a view of the front of the car for parking, or the rear for assisting with backing up. The Front Curb cam utilizes two cameras in the corners of the front fascia to look down on the curb and assist the driver with pulling forward without damaging their front splitter. Software takes the two camera views and creates a unique top-down view to show you how close you are to the curb or other obstacles. The Rear Vision Camera is activated when the car is shifted into reverse. The images are projected onto the center infotainment display and will alert you when you get too close to any obstacles behind you.

Rear Camera Mirror

Standard on all versions of the 2020 Corvette Stingray except the 1LT Coupe, the Rear Camera Mirror is one of our favorite new features on the 2020 Corvette. The rear camera mirror utilizes a camera module on the top of the car with the view that is displayed on the traditional rearview mirror. The driver can adjust the camera up or down and can zoom in or out. With the flick of the lever under the glass, the view reverts back to the traditional mirror looking through the firewall and rear hatch. Trust us, the Rear Camera Mirror is worth the jump to the 2LT package all by itself.

Performance Data Recorder

The PDR made its debut in the C7 and tracks days haven’t been the same since. This generation of the PDR features a front-facing 1080P camera allowing the driver to capture all the action on the track with telemetry overlaid on the recording, or capture your trip around town as this version now features a “dash cam” mode to record your drives, which overwrites the previous video on an SD card. The Performance Data Recorder RPO is UQT and is included in the 2LT and 3LT trim packages.

Chevrolet does care about your safety and so if you go with the 1LT trim package, you miss out on the goodies above, but your Corvette will be equipped with the UVB HD Rear Vision Camera that serves as a back-up camera.



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