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Chevrolet makes jaw-dropping changes to the new 2020 Corvette Stingray


COLORADO SPRINGS — The new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is making a stop in Colorado Springs on Friday and if you have some time, it's completely worth dropping by to see it. The changes are absolutely stunning. You can see it in person on Friday, September 13th, from 4:00-8:00 p.m., at Daniels Long Chevrolet before it officially goes on sale. It's the first appearance for the sports car in Colorado. The new Stingray is the eighth generation of the Corvette and the engineers definitely made some pretty significant changes to the design. In fact, it may just be the biggest change made to the model since it was introduced back in 1953.

Sure, we've all seen the various body changes over the decades, but this is just so much more than just a pretty body. One of the biggest changes involves the engine placement. The engine has always been at the front of the car and it's always been a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. The engine in the new Stingray is placed behind the front seats now. It radically changes the car's appearance and for that matter, how it handles.

The mid-engined layout places the heaviest part of the car further to the rear and closer to the driver's seat, which makes it feel like the driver is at the center of everything. The new design also places the driver and passenger closer to the front of the car. That change means the driver has even better visibility in front of the hood. The car comes with a square steering wheel and because of its shape, it gives the driver a very clear view of the digital gauge cluster.

The base version of the car has a 495-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 engine. With the new engine placement, it means more weight over the back of the car and that leads to a noticeable difference in acceleration.

For some drivers, a sports car isn't a sports car unless it's a stick. No manual transmission is available for the 2020 Stingray. It does have an eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. According to Chevrolet, being able to shift up or down using the paddles, drivers will be able to uncouple the transmission altogether by pulling on both paddles at once. It's supposed to be similar to holding down the clutch pedal in a car with a manual transmission.

Whatever you do, don't let the transmission changes give you the wrong impression. This is by far the quickest Corvette that they've ever made. How about zero to 60mph in under three seconds? You'll forget about the paddle shifters in no time flat. Given the sheer amount of engineering that went into redesigning the new 2020 Corvette Stringray, the price isn't as bad as one may think. It starts at just under $60,000, which really isn't that much more than the current version priced at $55,900.

On top of the engine and interior changes, the new body design is sleek and gorgeous. You have numerous options for upgrades and even if you opt to go with the base model, it has all of that Corvette sexiness with a whole new twist.

The car goes into production this fall at GM's Bowling Green, Kentucky, assembly plant.

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