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Chevy Corvette Ranks Third In 2022 Made In America Index


Although the Chevy C8 Corvette is considered by many as “America’s sports car,” what really quantifies this title? From a production standpoint, not every part used to build the C8 Corvette was manufactured in America, and a result, the C8 Stingray ranks third overall in the 2022 Kogod Made In America Index.

This index, which ranks vehicles based on the percentage of U.S. and Canadian-made parts they contain, found that 62 percent of the components used to build the 2022 Stingray originated from either the U.S. or Canada. Right behind the Vette in fourth place is the Chevy Colorado, featuring 61 percent U.S./Canadian-made content.

The Lincoln Corsair and Corsair Hybrid ranked first with 72 percent U.S. and Canadian-made content, while the Tesla Model 3 ranked second at 65 percent.

When compared to the 2021 Kogod Made In America Index, the U.S./Canadian content has dropped noticeably. For 2021, the Chevy C8 Stingray featured 86 percent U.S./Canadian parts, and was ranked second overall. In fact, the Ford Mustang was ranked number one last year, with 88.5 U.S./Canadian parts, but the Mustang has now dropped all the way to 22nd.

An interesting piece to note, the GMC Canyon wasn’t included in the index at all.

In order to gather the information used in this index, Kogod complies the scores using seven criteria. The components of the index are based on research regarding the economic value of different components of auto manufacturing, such as American-sourced engines and transmissions.

As a reminder, the current 2023 Corvette is manufactured at the GM Bowling Green Assembly plant in Kentucky. The 6.2L LT2 V8 engine, standard in the Stingray, is produced at the GM Tonawanda plant in New York State, while the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission is being built by GM at its St. Catharines plant in Ontario, Canada since Q2 2022.

In addition, the brakes are supplied by Brembo through the Italian-based company’s plant in Homer Michigan.



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