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Corvette C8 'Drag Pack' Conversion On 15-Inch Wheels Is A Beast


LG Motorsports in Texas has a Chevrolet Corvette C8 that the company is turning into a dedicated drag racing machine. The latest step in that evolution is the first conversion that puts the new 'Vette on 15-inch wheels. The tuner has a video showing off the setup.

If you're wondering why LG Motorsports would ditch the stock 19-inch wheels for these 15-inch pieces, the answer is all about getting a better launch. Mickey Thompson drag racing tires with massive sidewalls wrap around the wheels. When the weight transfers to the back when the driver accelerates off the line, the tires squash down creating a larger contact patch.

LG Motorsports' Corvette also has a nitrous system. A test in March showed the car running the quarter-mile in 12.09 seconds. However, the power caused a half shaft to break during the third run. Since then, the company installed stronger pieces from Driveshaft Shope and added a custom exhaust. With these tweaks and the 15-inch wheel setup, we can't wait to see what times the car is capable of.

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