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Emelia Hartford Now Has The World's Fastest Chevrolet C8 Corvette

It takes quite a bit of fine tuning for the most powerful C8 to also be the quickest.

If you have been following her for a while, you would have seen that Emelia Hartford has taken on a Chevrolet Corvette C8 as a project car. That car has become a twin-turbo monster, becoming the most powerful C8 in the world, producing over 1000 hp. With the project all but complete, Emelia has taken on the challenge of owning the quickest C8 Corvette in the world. With the current record standing at 9.95 seconds, held by ETS, will she be able to top that in her white and orange monster?

Wheel Change And 91 Octane Get The Car Prepped

All Emelia did in terms of prep was change the wheels and adding the fuel, which is 91 octane, although she did want to do some passes to burn it down and add in some C16. It's worth mentioning that her car is equipped Forge Line wheels, known for being on record-breaking cars. A quick practice run on a dirty track, taking it easy, and on tires that had not been cleaned up, she did a 10.4-second run. So there is clearly the potential for something very special from this Corvette.

Extra Fine-Tuning Is Always Needed

Emelia Hartford

Fine-tuning is certainly the biggest challenge facing Emelia and her crew. Finding that extra bit of performance from the smallest of gains was evident when the car was measured on the dyno. Another practice run didn’t go so well, the car not happy in the slightest. It seemed to go into limp mode, but that’s what happens, Emelia says ,with the car on the limit and the horsepower being gradually increased. So she says they should go for it, the full 1000+ hp and new tires. With each run, the car was getting better and better, with a 10.2-second run though the car was still not hooking off the line.

The Corvette Gets Closer, Before Smashing The Record

Emelia Hartford

But they didn’t stop. They kept going, pushing the car further. They then clocked a 9.474-second run at 144.7 mph. Now that is smashing the record. And on her very last run, Emelia clocked a 9.41 run, taking the record further. And yet Emelia thinks her Corvette has even more in it! Maybe this tale is not yet over. A big round of applause to Emelia and her team, because that was epic. Go and subscribe to her channel, as it looks like this C8 has a lot more to give.

Source: Henry Kelsall for Hot Cars



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