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First 2020 Corvette Stingray Delivered at the National Corvette Museum

MITCH TALLEY It’s the sixth Corvette the Johnsons have owned, starting with a 1982 they kept for several years. They purchased a 2007 convertible shortly after they retired and then became seriously interested in Corvettes when Glenn came across the NCM website while googling Corvettes. “I got online and saw where the Museum was having an annual celebration,” Glenn said, “and asked Andrea if she’d like to go to Bowling Green. She said, ‘you’re actually going to take your car?’ It’s a day and a half drive for us. But we got in the car and came!” The couple was so impressed with the NCM on that early visit that they had become Lifetime Members by the time they left Bowling Green. Glenn says they met other Corvette owners at their hotel and instantly became great friends. “They saw us in our Corvette shirts, and we started talking about Corvette and the Museum,” he said. “We learned they were very involved and big supporters of the Museum, involved with their clubs back home, and they drove their cars. If they got a rock chip, it was a badge of honor.” The Johnsons have become very involved with the NCM in the ensuing years, joining the Spire Society, NCM Circle of Friends, and annual Winner’s Circle. Andrea joined Elfi’s Silver Pearl Sisterhood as well. Dr. Preston thanked the Johnsons for taking delivery at the NCM today, as well as their 13 years of supporting the non-profit foundation. “People like Glenn and Andrea are the lifeblood of this organization and we love being able to celebrate such a fun and exciting day like this with them.” The red-carpet VIP experience of R8C delivery includes signage welcoming the customers to the Museum, a guided tour of the Museum where their Corvette is on display (and plant tour when available), a quality and detailed orientation on the car followed by a celebratory drive out of the Museum for photos. Delivery customers can also drive an NCM Motorsports Park-owned Corvette for touring laps around the road course to round out their day. Needless to say, we’re sure the Johnsons are riding on Cloud 9 tonight, and we congratulate them for being the first of literally hundreds of other excited enthusiasts who will be following right behind them in the coming months. Video



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