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The 2021 Corvette Order Guide Is Now Available for Download

We were expecting to see the 2021 Corvette Order Guide this week and lo and behold, it’s been made available to download and view this weekend! Click here to get your copy of the 2021 Corvette Order Guide!

The 2021 Corvette Order Guide lists all the equipment and options available for the model year, and you can see what is standard, optional, or not available on both the Coupe and Convertible models in all three trim groups. It’s an invaluable resource guide which is why we like to share it as soon as it is available.

Ordering of the 2021 model year is expected to begin on July 31st so if you are looking at spec’ing out your build, we suggest using the current 2020 configurator at as a visual reference guide and then decide if you want any of these new options on your build. We’ve detailed each of the new options previously but thought we would share the RPO and descriptions of them. Unfortunately, no pricing for these options is yet available but we expect to learn more this week.

What’s New for 2021

Also, just to recap as many are new to Corvettes and the ordering lingo, RPOs are options which are added at the plant while LPOs options are “accessories” that are added at the dealership.

GPH – Red Mist Metallic Tintcoat

GSJ – Silver Flare Metallic

DUW – Blue Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package

DSY – Orange Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package Tintcoat

DSZ – Red Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package

DT0 – Yellow Full Length Dual Racing Stripe Package

DZX – Carbon Flash/Edge Red Stinger Stripe

DZU – Carbon Flash/Edge Yellow Stinger Stripe

DZV – Carbon Flash/Midnight Silver Stinger Stripe

FE2 – Suspension, Magnetic Selective Ride Control

PPW – Wireless Apple CarPlay/Wireless Android Auto

CAV (LPO) Contoured cargo area liners with Jake logo, Genuine Corvette Accessory

RIA (LPO) All-weather floor liners with Jake logo, Genuine Corvette Accessory

WKR (LPO) Premium indoor car cover, fully rendered C8.R, Genuine Corvette Accessory

SQU (LPO) Ultra-high security Silver-painted wheel locks, Genuine Corvette Accessory

PDY (LPO) Roadside Safety Package, includes (RYT) First Aid Kit, LPO and (S08) Highway Safety Kit

Also included in the “What’s New for 2021” is the new (HT7/HFC) Sky Cool Gray / Strike Yellow interior combination. This new combination is only available on 3LT trim packages and eight exterior colors. It will require the D30 Color Override if selected for Sebring Orange, Torch Red, and Red Mist Metallic.

What’s Not In The Order Guide

One of the big rumors for 2021 was a possible special edition called the “Stingray R” which we believe is a tribute to the C8.R Corvette racers. However, we have yet to hear a peep about it officially from any member of the team, and at this point, I am starting to question if it is indeed coming in 2021. I’m convinced that the Sky Cool Gray/Strike Yellow seats are going to that model if true, but we are still waiting to hear something, anything at this point that a limited or special edition is coming to the 2021 models.




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