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The History of The Chevrolet Corvette (C1-C8)

It all started after World War II. The US soldiers had returned from Europe, where they had seen all these 2-seat roadsters and sleek sports cars, but nothing in America gave them quite the same feeling. Car companies like Jaguar, Triumph, and MG had started to make a name for themselves overseas, Chevrolet was excited for the competition and ready to get an American brand in the mix. Circa 1950, Chevrolet signs the dotted line on a plastic-bodied sports car, which would lead to the 8 generations of Corvette we’ll be going over these next couple weeks.

Follow this link to our blog and join us as we'll be going over each generation of the legendary. From the very first C1 in 1953, to the all new C8 in 2022!



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