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USA Bobsled athletes earn 13 medals in first week of Park City North American Cup

PARK CITY, Utah (January 18, 2020) – USA Bobsled athletes collected 13 medals in the first week of North American Cup racing in Park City. Men’s two-man bobsled and women’s monobob races were held from January 15-17 on the 2002 Olympic track. The U.S. team has the opportunity to earn additional medals this week with four-man and two-woman bobsled races.

Nicole Vogt (Dallas, Texas) led the women’s efforts with three medals in the three monobob competitions. Vogt, who made the national team and opted not to travel to Europe, earned two golds and a silver medal. The Park City races were her first time competing in the new women’s monobob discipline.

“I've so enjoyed getting back to international competitions,” Vogt said. “I realize that competing in a pandemic is a huge privilege that I don't take granted. Monobob is another opportunity for women to compete, and it's been a blast teaching the new rookie girls and learning a new disciple myself. These gold medals wouldn't be possible without all the people helping behind the scenes. I had goals for myself going into these races, and setting a track record was a huge surprise. I exceeded my own expectations.”

Vogt earned gold in her first-ever women’s monobob race on Friday by a large margin of 1.15 seconds with a total time of 1:48.55. She posted identical start times of 5.97 seconds for runs of 54.11 and 54.44 seconds for the victory.

“This was my first monobob race, and it felt strange standing on the starting block alone and in the brakeman position since I've been a two-woman pilot for so many years,” Vogt said. “I miss the team aspect, but I was still surrounded by my teammates and coaches who brought the hype at the start.”

Marina Silva Tuono from Brazil was second in 1:49.70. Riley Compton (Carmel, Ind.), a member of the U.S. Marine Corps and George Washington softball alumna, claimed her first-career international medal by finishing third with a total time of 1:49.94. On Instagram, Compton wrote that she was “so blessed and humbled to have finished third in my first ever Monobob race!” She continued to thank everyone who has supported her, “and all the track workers for putting this race on with COVID.”

Lauren Brzozowski (Wyckoff, N.J.), a former sprinter from Elon University, and Jenna Weidner (Shorewood, Minn.), a High Point University volleyball alumna, finished fourth and fifth, respectively. Brzozowski clocked a two-run total of 1:50.67, while Weidner posted a 1:51.00. Brzozowski had the fastest start times of the competition, 5.76 and 5.72.

Vogt was golden again on Saturday, winning by another large lead of 0.94 seconds over Carrie Russell from Brazil with a combined time of 1:48.24. Tuono was third in 1:49.64.

Compton, Weidner, and Brzozowski finished 4-5-6 with total times of 1:50.25, 1:51.07, and 1:51.63, respectively.

Russell edged Vogt for the final victory on Sunday by 0.19 seconds. Russell posted an aggregate time of 1:49.08 to win gold. Vogt clocked the fastest time of the second heat, and claimed the silver medal in 1:49.27. Tuono finished third in 1:49.83.

Compton, Weidner, and Brzozowski again finished 4-5-6. Compton crossed the finish line in 1:50.21, followed by Weidner with a 1:51.06, and Brzozowski with a 1:51.59.

Sam Moeller (San Antonio, Texas), a former Texas A&M football player, led the U.S. men with two victories and a bronze medal performance. Moeller teamed with Next Olympic Hopeful winner Josh Williamson (Lake Mary, Fla.) for the first men’s two-man bobsled win on Friday. The duo posted the fastest start times of 4.98 and 4.95 seconds for the fastest runs of 48.49 and 48.69 seconds.

"We are all grateful to have the opportunity to race," Moeller said. "It was great to team up with Josh, Mustard, and Hakeem. There were competitive teams in the field and to finish with the results that we had was big confidence boost moving forward. There’s a lot of season left and we are eager to improve with every chance that we have."

Hunter Church (Cadyville, N.Y.) and Hakeem Abdul-Saboor (Powhatan, Va.), a PFC in the Army, finished second with a two-run total of 1:37.32. The pair posted starts of 4.99 and 5.00 for runs of 48.56 and 48.76.

“It’s great to be back in Park City and getting reps on a track that I really don’t have a lot of experience on,” Church said. “My goal coming out here was to start to get my lines down and gain a feel for this track for team trials, test some different runner preps and theories, and remain consistent. So far I’ve accomplished everything I’ve wanted.”

Frank Del Duca (Bethel, Me.) teamed with Manteo Mitchell (Shelby, N.C.), who made his competitive bobsled debut, for the bronze medal. At the Olympic Games London 2012, Mitchell was the lead-off runner for Team USA in the first round of the 4x400-meter relay. He felt his left fibula bone snap just past the halfway point, but he kept running. Though he was sidelined when his team went on to take the silver in the final, he also received a medal and was praised for his commitment.

Mitchell was ecstatic on Instagram: “Being that this was my FIRST EVER BOBSLED RACE, I’m very happy with the progress so far. I’ve literally fallen in love with the sport.”

Del Duca and Mitchell pushed off the block in 5.07 and 5.09 seconds for runs of 48.51 and 48.82 seconds, respectively, to finish third. Tylor Hickey (Geneva, Ill.) and David Simon (San Antonio, Texas) finished fourth in 1:38.00.

Del Duca teamed with Abdul-Saboor on Saturday to snag the gold medal with a combined time of 1:37.25, winning by 0.24 seconds over Church and Charlie Volker (Fair Haven, N.J.). Del Duca and Abdul-Saboor had the fastest start times of 4.94 seconds in both heats.

Moeller and Alex Mustard (Missoula, Mont.) finished third in 1:37.90, followed by Hickey and

Jamil Muhammad-Ray (Charlotte, N.C.) in fourth with an aggregate time of 1:38.12.

Moeller was again golden on Sunday, teaming up with Abdul-Saboor for the fastest start and downtimes to secure the victory in 1:37.46. Church and Williamson were a mere 0.07 seconds behind in second place with a two-run total of 1:37.53.

Del Duca and Mitchell teamed together again for the final two-man race to claim the bronze medal in 1:38.17. Mitchell thanked Del Duca on Instagram: “Frankie, I can’t thank you enough for showing me the ropes man. Means the world. Excited for 4Man training/racing in a few days time!”

Hickey and Simon rounded out Team USA’s performance, finishing fourth with a combined time of 1:38.38.

The Park City North American Cup continues this week with the four-man and two-woman bobsled races from January 21-23.

“The goal now is to begin to build my four-man team,” Church said. “I have the utmost confidence in myself and whoever slides behind me that we will be ready to rock the Olympic year. This has been a great opportunity to train and position myself for where I want to be come team trials in March. We will continue to gain data, train hard and have fun along the way!”

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Women’s monobob #1

1. Nicole Vogt (USA) 1:48.55 (54.11, 54.44); 2. Marina Silva Tuono (BRA) 1:49.70 (54.38, 55.32);

3. Riley Compton (USA) 1:49.94 (54.93, 55.01);

4. Lauren Brzozowski (USA) 1:50.67 (54.93, 55.74);

5. Jenna Weidner (USA) 1:51.00 (55.33, 55.67);

Women’s monobob #2

1. Nicole Vogt (USA) 1:48.24 (53.92, 54.32);

2. Carrie Russell (BRA) 1:49.18 (54.53, 54.65);

3. Marina Silva Tuono (BRA) 1:49.64 (55.04, 54.60);

4. Riley Compton (USA) 1:50.25 (55.11, 55.14); 5. Jenna Weidner (USA) 1:51.07, 55.37, 55.70);

6. Lauren Brzozowski (USA) 1:51.63 (55.73, 55.90);

Women’s monobob #3

1. Carrie Russell (BRA) 1:49.08 (54.13, 54.95);

2. Nicole Vogt (USA) 1:49.27 (54.71, 54.56);

3. Marina Silva Tuono (BRA) 1:49.83 (54.95, 54.88);

4. Riley Compton (USA) 1:50.21 (55.04, 55.17);

5. Jenna Weidner (USA) 1:51.06 (55.25, 55.81);

6. Lauren Brzozowski (USA) 1:51.59 (55.85, 55.74);

Men’s two-man bobsled #1

1. Sam Moeller and Josh Williamson (USA) 1:37.18 (48.49, 48.69);

2. Hunter Church and Hakeem Abdul-Saboor (USA) 1:37.32 (48.56, 48.76);

3. Frank Del Ducaand Manteo Mitchell (USA) 1:37.33 (48.51, 48.82);

4. Tyler Hickey and David Simon (USA) 1:38.00 (48.96, 49.04);

Men’s two-man bobsled #2

1. Frank Del Duca and Hakeem Abdul Saboor (USA) 1:37.25 (48.53, 48.72);

2. Hunter Church and Charlie Volker (USA) 1:37.49 (48.65, 48.84);

3. Sam Moeller and Alex Mustard (USA) 1:37.90 (48.82, 49.08);

4. Tyler Hickey and Jamil Muhammad-Ray (USA) 1:38.12 (48.95, 49.17)

Men’s two-man bobsled #3

1. Sam Moeller and Hakeem Abdul-Saboor (USA) 1:37.46 (48.67, 48.79);

2. Hunter Church and Josh Williamson (USA) 1:37.53 (48.72, 48.81);

3. Frank Del Duca and Manteo Mitchell (USA) 1:38.17 (49.04, 49.13);

4. Tyler Hickey and David Simon (USA) 1:38.38 (49.11, 49.27);

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Source: Amanda Bird; TeamUSA



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