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Watch An Expert Explain Corvette C8 And C7 Differences

ANTHONY ALANIZ To say there are differences between the previous C7 Chevy Corvette and the new, mid-engine C8 would be an understatement. Of course there are differences – they have two completely different layouts. But some differences don’t readily jump out at you. A new video from Morgan Crosbie, a top Canadian Corvette salesperson who’s been selling cars for half a decade, according to his dealership bio, points out some not-so-obvious differences. One big difference between the two is forward visibility, which seems obvious. The C7, which is a Z06 trim, has a long front end to fit the V8 engine. The supercharger raises the hood line even further, restricting forward visibility. The C8 has a front end that’s shorter with a steeper slope than the C7, opening forward visibility up. The next difference is purely subjective, and one that’ll need revisiting as new C8 Corvette variants arrive, but the C7 does sound better. One possible reason? The open trunk area acts as an amplifier for the exhaust note. Crosbie calls it a “boom box” as the exhaust runs underneath the passenger compartment and out the back. The C8 doesn’t have that luxury, isolating the natural exhaust sound to the engine bay behind the driver. The roof panels are also different, with the C7’s being a few inches longer than the one on the C8. GM engineers also fixed the tire hop problem of the C7, which would crop up during full-lock turns. That doesn’t happen in the C8, though that could be due to the magnetic ride suspension. The C8 also has a tighter turning radius, too. One thing Crosbie didn’t compare was interiors and for a good reason. While the C8’s is miles ahead of the C7’s, they are from two different eras. The C7 arrived for the 2014 model year, and car interiors have changed a lot since then. Many of these differences are a result of the C8’s new layout, and compromises engineers and designers had to make for the new design. While the removable roof is smaller, forward visibility is much improved. There are likely numerous minor differences between the two, but they are two completely different cars now, as well. VIDEO



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